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Advanced Multiplayer Mod v1.9

Release date: 2017-12-31

TL;DR: A mod for Classic The Second Encounter that adds a lot of multiplayer features and some kind of a Cooperative support for Singleplayer maps.

Full description: This mod includes a number of features that will improve your multiplayer experience by adding new game options and mutators. This includes:

And a number of other switchable features, such as:

If you wish to play any Singleplayer map in the Cooperative mode, you can do so by selecting the map in the "Cooperative (SP Maps)" mode. There's also two extra options for this mode:

The Mental Power of The Universe

Release date: 2017-03-08

TL;DR: A try to make a cool story mod for The Second Encounter as a sequel to Serious Sam 2. It was abandoned back in 2014 but was only released in 2017. The plot is simple, the mod is broken and unfinished and it's also in russian so you probably won't even understand anything.

Full description: In the year 2105 the man called Sam Stone travelled back in time so he could stop alien invasion to Earth. Sam was able to defeat the enemy of the whole universe - Mental - and finally stop the invasion. He travelled back to Earth and went forward in time. But, after Sam got back Mental wasn't dead, so he continued destroying everything. Sam wanted to finally take a break and relax far away in a little town but after finding out that Mental is still alive decides to get to him as soon as possibe to finally take his power ...over the Universe!

Unfinished mod that was in development since 2011 but died in 2014 because of the lack of ideas. This version contains a 2011-2012 campaign (8 completed + 1 unfinished maps) and a 2014 campaign (19 maps and a bunch of weird levels), and of course a few useless Deathmatch maps. Both campaigns are suitable for a cooperative play.

No maps were significantly changed, everything was just polished so it would at least start (cannot guarantee crash-free games). Also you can't change the game mode in the "Start Server" because I broke everything once again.