Accomplishments of 2020

A list of what I've achieved in 2020.

It's been a long and rough year. But despite that, I've managed to do something big and great. Much bigger and greater than some of the previous years. So, here we go.

They stand no chance.
World X 2 integration!
Dreamy Structures example test.
Dreamy JSON example test.
Mouse Trapper.

Fear my noclip!
Randomized: Enemies and projectiles!
Shrunk: Is this a game for ants?
Shuffled: Spiderman's Minigun.
Entity Replacement Pack.

Here's a few of interesting videos I've uploaded to YouTube this year.

Don't like YouTube? Then how about my Twitch channel? I've been streaming more than ever this year and I'm not going to stop here!

Here are a couple of my highlights, the Halloween and Christmas streams:


And now my favorite musical projects this year:

We Are Number One mashup and an original HOME-inspired Daydreaming album!

The Moon of '20

Pick a weapon

And that's pretty much it. If I forgot something as usual, I'll add it with another GitHub commit later. But as of now, these are my accomplishments of the year 2020.

Thanks to everyone who sticked with me during this horrible year. Let's leave it as the worst year of this century. Or at least the decade.