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I'm Cecil and I like to dream a lot. Sadly, none of the dreams will ever come true. But you know what? It's okay. You can always try your best and get very close to your dreams. Don't stop trying.

My very first nickname was STALKER_27 that I created back in 2010. Everyone kept asking what it meant and the truth is that I just thought of a random word that I didn't know the meaning of and added a random number to it. Then, in a slow course of two years (2014-2016) I switched to ST27 because it was much more simple.

But then I decided that this name was very short and and even more meaningless so I started experimenting. One of the variations that I came up with is 27 Crazy Weebs and I think it's much better than just two random letters and a number that surprisingly appears everywhere nowadays for some reason.

But now I'm Dreamy Cecil because that's who I am.

What is this dark place?

Welcome to the void filled with meaningless darkness. Just kidding, this is too edgy.

This is, basically, my little portfolio site or something with everything I do that you might find interesting. In case you are actually interested...

My hobbies include a lot of things. That might be the reason why I'm so bad at all of them. (¬_¬)

I like:

I'm not too much into web design but I learned some things as you can see. Everything was writen by hand with Notepad++ and a bit of googling.

In conclusion

You can explore the site, if you want. Maybe you'll find something interesting.

There's really nothing much to say about me, so... Welcome to my world.